Terms of Services


The number of revisions you are entitled to depends on the package you choose, and you can request the number of revisions specified in your package details. Our priority is to offer our customers top-quality services, and we will keep revising until your requirements are satisfied. You won't be charged extra if the design concepts aren't altered. You will receive your revised design within 48 hours.


If you are not satisfied with the initial logo or website designs provided to you, you are eligible to request a 100% refund for your project to the cost paid within 48 hours of the designs being sent. You do not qualify for the refund if the project design has been approved and sent into the development or logo has been sent into revision stage. Also, other circumstances have been mentioned as under what circumstanced the 100% money back guarantee will be voided.


Web Design Sigma typically completes most design services within 48-72 hours, which refers to the time it takes for a single iteration of the design stage. This is not the total time required to complete a project from start to finish. Depending on the type of service, the revision process may take a minimum of 48 hours to 72 hours, which is equivalent to 2 working days. For instance:

  • In case you place an order for a logo or request revisions on a Monday, the completed work will be delivered by Wednesday.
  • If you place an order for a logo or request revisions on a Friday, you can expect to receive the completed work by the end of the day on Tuesday.


While Web Design Sigma provides a 100% refund on all its design services, it is important to note that certain conditions still apply and the refund is not unconditional.

Web Design Sigma’s Refund Policy will be Void if;

  • You have selected a custom or special package.
  • The primary design concept for any service has already been approved.
  • The logo has already been finalized.
  • The website has been designed, developed, and deployed live.
  • You have requested revisions to be made.
  • The cancellation has been made due to reasons unrelated to the project.
  • The company has not been contacted for more than two weeks.
  • The company's policies or policy have been violated.
  • Another company or designer has been approached for the same project.
  • The creative brief does not contain the necessary information.
  • A complete change in design has been requested.• The request for refund has exceeded the given time span.
  • The request for refund has exceeded the given time span.
  • The business is closing, changing its name, or altering its nature
  • Reasons such as a change of mind, disagreement with a partner, or other reasons that are not related to the service will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances.
  • Once a client has approved multiple rounds of revisions (for any service),
  • The client may be eligible to receive a 50% refund after consulting with their Project Manager.
  • The approval of the refund will be at the discretion of Web Design Sigma's management.
  • The decision made by management regarding the matter will be final.
  • If a client subscribes to a service bundle and is dissatisfied with a particular service, the refund will only apply to that specific service and not the entire bundle.
  • Orders that are canceled before project initiation for reasons unrelated to the design service itself will be subject to a 33% cancellation administrative fee.

Note that Web Design Sigma reserves the right to decline any project or terminate the contract at its discretion. Upon receiving a refund, you are not authorized to use the designs for any purpose, as they will become the exclusive property of Web Design Sigma. The company will retain full ownership of the designs.

Since the policy states that services not related to design services are not eligible for refunds, it is unclear what specific examples should be provided. However, here are some potential examples

  • Copyrights Protection Certificates.
  • Website & Emails Hosting Services.
  • Website SSL Certificates
  • Website Domain Purchase.
  • Website Maintenance Plans.
  • Website SEO Plans.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Hosting services
  • Domain registration
  • Marketing or advertising services
  • Copywriting services
  • Consulting services

If any services don't fall under the policy of 100% refund for unsatisfactory results, the management of Web Design Sigma might opt to grant the customer a partial refund after reviewing the project.


To receive your refund, kindly follow the steps outlined below:-

  • You can initiate the refund process by calling our toll-free number at +1 (754) 799 3753 and speaking with your designated project manager.
  • To begin the refund process, you can click on the following link to start a live chat and speak with a representative.
  • You can initiate a refund by sending us an email.

Once we receive your refund request, we will respond to it as soon as possible. After conducting the necessary analysis, we will proceed with the refund process in accordance with the refund policy stated above. If you wish to cancel a project before it begins for reasons unrelated to the service itself, you must submit a refund request within 24 hours of placing your order to receive a full refund. Failure to do so will result in a service fee charge if you request cancellation after the initial 24-hour period. Upon receiving your refund, you will not have any rights to the designs submitted by Web Design Sigma unless there is a mutual agreement between the company and the customer through written communication. The information will be submitted to the Copyright Acquisition of Government Copyright Agencies to ensure legality.


  • We have an unlimited revisions policy in place to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service.
  • Our goal is to exceed your expectations and we make every effort to achieve it.
  • We will continue to revise your design until you are completely satisfied (the number of revisions will depend on the package you have selected).


  • The entire order will be sent to the account specified on the date mentioned in the Order Confirmation, and a confirmation email will also be sent.
  • The entire order will be sent to the account specified on the date mentioned in the Order Confirmation, and a confirmation email will also be sent.
  • The turnaround time will vary based on the package you have selected, with a minimum requirement of 2 business days
  • We will only make a website live once all payments have been cleared. Under no circumstances will a website be made live if there are any outstanding dues.
  • If you require an urgent or rush order, please contact our customer support team.


Web Design Sigma will provide the finalised designs to the client only upon receiving a written request for finalisation, and upon finalisation, the client will receive all the final core files of the logo and will own 100% of the rights to the said logo.

  • The client will own the final design provided by Web Design Sigma in its entirety.
  • The client will have 100% ownership rights to the finalised design.
  • The client is free to use the finalised design in any way they choose.
  • The client will not own any materials, media, or other content generated during any revision cycles leading up to the final product.


Web Design Sigma will not be responsible for creating or adding content (such as text or images) to the website unless this service has been purchased exclusively. If this service has been purchased, the following terms apply:

  • Web Design Sigma will populate the website with content that has been created for the client.
  • The content or text for the website will be created specifically for the customer's website.
  • Web Design Sigma will populate the website with images.
  • Web Design Sigma will acquire stock imagery for the client from stock photo websites
  • Images will be purchased only upon approval from the client.
  • Web Design Sigma will not assume any responsibility for any resemblances between the images used on the website and those of other websites.
  • The website will be filled with products and their details by Web Design Sigma, but the client will be responsible for providing the product images and details


  1. Web Design Sigma ensures that the client's personal and project information remains confidential and is not shared with anyone.
  2. After successfully completing the project, Web Design Sigma and the client agree not to intentionally defame or disparage each other regarding any matters that arise after the project's completion.
  3. After successfully completing the project, both parties agree to refrain from making any defamatory comments about the client or the company's employees, officers, directors, agents, consultants, affiliates, investors, or business partners. Web Design Sigma will take reasonable steps to ensure that its officers and directors also refrain from such comments.


If you need to access your finalized design files in the future, you can simply contact the web design sigma and request the exact file. With their records on hand, they should be able to quickly locate and provide you with the design files you need.


Our Customer Support Team is available by phone during regular business hours, from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM GMT to assist with any concerns or queries you may have. If you have any queries after business hours, please submit them through the Team Works Account section by email, and we will address them on the following working day.


The main focus of Web Design Sigma is to offer design services and consultancy to clients. We will create and build the services that are required by the client, and in some cases, our packages may also involve technical features that assist with website and email functions. Web Design Sigma will supply the client with fundamental information concerning these services, as well as the necessary settings to ensure that they function properly. However, please note that we do not offer in-depth training or tutorials. Installations of said services on the Customer's end. The services that may be offered by Web Design Sigma include, but are not limited to:

  • Website Deployment
  • Web design Sigma will deploy the website for the customer on a demo Hosting server provided by us.
  • The test hosting service offered by Web Design Sigma for the demo website is a complimentary feature for the client, provided at no additional cost. This service will remain available until the client's websites are live on their separately purchased hosting from us or from a different hosting provider
  • Please note that if the website is hosted on a third-party web server purchased by the customer, Web Design Sigma will not be liable for any server or hosting-related problems.

There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) for technical assistance or service outage between Web Design Sigma and the client, unless it is purchased as an ongoing maintenance service separately.

  • A Content Management System (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a website.
  • The Web Design Sigma company will furnish a user guide to the client, which will assist them in utilizing the Content Management System (CMS) for the website.
  • It is not the responsibility of Web Design Sigma to provide training to the client regarding the aforementioned Website Content Management System (CMS).
  • Emails Setup
  • Web Design Sigma will supply the client with the essential details and configurations to install the emails on their own.
  • It is not the responsibility of Web Design Sigma to install the mentioned emails on the client's end.
  • Web Design Sigma is not liable for offering technical assistance or support in resolving email usage issues because our emails are hosted on public servers and can be accessed by any service provider.


Valid communication should only take place through official emails, such as support@Webdesignsigma.com. Any damages, issues, or delays caused by communication channels not provided by us will not be our responsibility. We are accountable for all the information shared through our official domains. Our representatives may use pseudonyms while interacting with customers from different regions to facilitate better communication since we operate in the global market.